The Death Of Paid Link Networks

This article is one of my recent publications on SiteProNews – Enjoy! Ahhh… Remember the days when you could just subscribe to a paid link network of your choice for as little as $49 and watch those rankings head upward every week. No need to get involved in the messy muddiness of “white hat” SEO, […]

6 Simple (and Free!) Ways to Leverage Your Content

As a respectable internet marketer, you most likely spend a lot of time and effort creating high quality content for your site and/or link building activities. A well researched and crafted article takes a lot of time and ultimately only adds one piece of content to your site. In this article, I’ll discuss six simple […]

Establising Your Online Business – What You Need To Know

The following is an article by myself for the June issue of Your Business Magazine – be sure to grab yourself a copy: So, you’ve decided that your concept will work well as an online business. Now you just need to set up your “virtual showroom”, the hub from which you will conduct your operations. […]

Bing Releases Report On Web Page Credibility

Microsoft/Bing have release a report titled “Augmenting Web Pages & Search Results For Improved Credibility”, which basically delves into how Bing may interpret page quality and credibility.  You can download the PDF here: Although it is essentially just a report on the challenges facing search engines in terms of how to assess page quality […]

Can “Bad Links” Hurt My Site’s Rankings?

A question that a lot of people ask us is whether or not “bad links” (typically Xrumer blasts, paid links, forum spam or any other “Black Hat” techniques) can effectively hurt their site’s rankings over the long term. I’ve personally sat on the fence about this one for quite a while for the following reason: […]

Do Bing & Yahoo Copy Google’s Results?

There’s a lot of talk lately about whether or not Bing and Yahoo “copy”, or at least factor in, Google’s results. Matt Cutts from Google dives into the topic here. I don’t want to rehash the debate, but rather discuss what we’ve noticed in our experience of rank monitoring our sites (or clients’ sites) the […]

Can I Link Between My Sites?

A question many webmasters often ask is whether or not they can legitimately link between their websites that they either own or control, and if it has any real SEO value. The following video from the guys at SEOMoz does a great job of explaining what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to site […]

Google Clamps Down On Poor Content

In Google’s latest algorithm update the key goal was to clamp down on websites with poor or duplicate content. This in an effort to knock out the many “content farms” who simply copy other site’s content and never really produce anything of value themselves. Content farms such as eHow, eZine, Mahalo and many others were […]

SEO Training Filling Up…

Our 1on1 SEO Training Course has proven to be quite popular and is filling up rather quickly. We have mainly Saturdays left for the next two months, so if you’re keen on taking the course, please book your spot as soon as possible.

Google Algorithm Change…

I received the following email from Billy Rey at East West Partners regarding the recent Google algorithm change and thought it was worth sharing: ————————————————————————————————————————- Hey guys! I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but the big G has done something to shake up the serps. Most got hit today, but it started some days […]